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Money Back Guarantee

5% Penalty

In case of delay

6 Months

Free App Promotion

Pay as go

Flexible Milestone Plan

1.5 Years

Complete Support


Domain Centric Team




Contract and Certificate


"100+10"% Money Back Guarantee

In the case of a failure of delivery, the developer shall pay 10 percent extra fees to the consumer because the failure of the company for which the customer is not liable

Result: The developing partner is assured to produce a clear team task, daily real time project monitoring, Live Coding & 24x7 Support / Testing, Regular Competence Review and goal delivery to the application project on time..

5% Money Back Guarantee In case of delay

If the developer could not deliver the product according to the shared Development Time schedule, or to the date of delivery communicated to the client, he will be liable to pay 5 percent Product Cost / Day.

Result: This advantage is provided by many rivals but we are sure no developer will ever dare to incorporate 5 percent of the overall project cost / day in the event that a production deadline has expired.


6 Months of Free Marketing & Promotion

We also developed a promotion & marketing plan explicitly called "Power Up" for our customers. We are not only here for the production of mobile apps, but also as a complete service provider for design, growth and marketing for project above 1000$

Further Our company is dedicated to build a strong marketing platform for our clients to deep dive into world of opportunities

Pay as go Model with our Flexible Milestone Plan

If the project is launched, the customer shall have a facility to pay as the customer wishes. The cost of each milestone can not be less than $200 or more and the time for the production of its functionality is done according to the costs of the developer itself. The client may pay and/or have the milestones cost controlled according to the customer's requirements.

Result: Excellent pattern, ideal for starters. When you are a customer looking for your application created or built but don't have full payment or project costs right now, the project can be started with 15% Application Cost and the amount of rest that you can pay as you want. It's cool. If Client decides to stop project because of a lack of funds at all times, the client still has complete copyrights and source code with the company. great competitive way. good productivity.


1.5 Years Complete Support

The Company will provide complete output, backend / web service support plus UI / UX design support which is maximum "extra value" offered by no team that states that clients can request or request changes in the design component for 1.5 Years of lifetime if they need to make changes in their UI / UX. The product & Backend with superior performance and consistency will be fully controlled by developers too.

Dedicated Domain Centric Team

Developer only assigns developers with significant years of experience with the apps and functionality to the app project.

Result: Domain or vertical team allocation ensures quality and efficiency as the people who have been operating before and know the functionality and functions, often saves the app project time and money.


24*7 Support/Testing

TDeveloper will be providing 24x7 Support and Maintenance on daily basis to the client with Backend/Web Services, UI/UX Designing & Project Development Support.

Result : Client will be getting easy access to daily assistance needed for the app project without any extra charges or extra costs. Developer Team will be responsible for any basic needs or demands of the app project needed.

Our Technology Stack

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